5: A breakthrough!

What we know so far: ReGenesis is a game about restoring an ecosystem after nuclear fallout. Likely assymetric player powers that will not represent humans. Mechanically the board needs to visually change from disaster to beauty.

Howdy folks!

On of the most important parts of design for me, is getting some thoughts going and then letting my subconscious chew on them for a while.

Today, that worked! I’ve been struggling with the theme due to accuracy. I’m going to let that go for the moment. Why? Because currently it’s a crutch, that I can get back to later.

What I need to figure out right now, is how the game works mechanically, with the theme in mind, but not leading the charge. I always knew that, I wasn’t practicing it.

Today, (thanks to this poll https://twitter.com/GameMinimalist/status/1026092893105283072?s=19 I got to thinking about how to make the game board change? What existing mechanisms lend themselves to changing how a board looks, and what should players feel and have to do, in attempting such a task?

My answer to the poll, was that mixing the mechanisms is where the most potential for elegant games exists. Which clicked nicely with my question.

I want the game to start slow and build, which works best as an engine or deck builder.

I want players to excell at different things, which makes worker placement a possibility.

What if there was a deckbuilder, which allowed you to accrue things other than cards? What if you could use your resources generated by the deckbuilding to acrue different workers and then place them in specific locations to do their work?

Because of the cooperative nature of the game, players could even, acting as mother nature (see, I can’t help but think of theme as I build mechanics) build one deck, resource and worker pool?

I think that group of mechanisms will make for meaningful decisions (do I build the deck, or buy a worker?) And allow for resources to be utilized differently by players, which will create the moments that bring folks back to a game time and time again!

That doesn’t answer the question of how the board changes, but as I mess with the mechanisms, it will!

Next time, I’ll take a look at the deckbuilding portion.

What’s your favorite breathrough in your life?


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